“There is always Possibility”

By: Harkaman

Hello Brothers who are blissful , many people get failed this life. Because, they give up fast. There is always opportunity for us except for becoming God. They forget that we always have opportunities whatever it is. Therefore don’t be hopeless with God’s mercy. You have to strengthen your heart and get your ambition with God’s grace.

            Complaining is a very bad action. Because  it will complicate you. So, we have to try avoiding it. That action doesn’t give you any benefit. Will you get help while complaining all along?  Of course not. The complain will Exactly damage your life and your ambition. Believe! That you have strength to stride at the future until God calls you brother.

            When you fall, get up promptly. Because the  other possibilities are waiting you. You have to know that you fail when you don’t get up again. Actually, the failure is successfulness, why? Because we are successful to find error way to be success. “ Like Albert Einstein’s Saying”

            And now, there is no reason to be fail. Because this is a choice, and everyone have a voting right. Please choose one of them. Fail or success.!

Finally, I would like to conclude by quoting the verse of al-Qur’an:  لا تقنطوا من رحمة الله  “Don’t be hopeless from God’s mercy.(Qs. Az-Zumar:53)