The Role of Religion in Modern Era

By: Harkaman

There is a basic question which should be answered that is “Will religion be relevant with the life of human in modern era?”  let’s see the reality among us, there is an operation in the name of religion that victimize many unsin people, In the other hand, there is also an operation that oppositely different with the first one.

Based on the problem mentioned before. Then it calls people to make a different argument. There is controversy operation that come to abolish the religion now on. The religion is considered causing dissension or disunity for human life. Therefore, they assume that the best solution to be applied is religion abolition.

That kind of operation (abolition) has been carried out by groups of people at last. But anyway, up to now, religion is well-known and approved that it is still showing up its existence dominantly. Many reasons which are expressed to abolish religion is never been successful as well.

As a matter of fact, there are many complicated problems that can not be solved by human  himself unless he comes across religion in figuring out the solution.

for sure that religion can not be released from human life.  It is proven that there are still many people believing in religion. Basically, refer to Abuddin Nata when quoted Harun Nasution’s saying, there are four relevant and essential elements in proving that both religion and human can not be separated away.  

Those are;

1.      Believing in supernatural power.

2.      Believing in keeping in touch with that power will gain the happiness and welfare.

3.      Emotional respond (inner capacity)

4.       Awareness of something sacred, pure, and metaphysic which is laid on Holy Book, Place, etc.