By. Harkaman

 We often encounter the problem of language. Especially in times going to express something. Then we just say “how to express it?” However, he unconsciously expresses it by using language. Whether it is understood or not understood. We will not talk about it. Language is not a problem, when we think about it, so makes us stress. Just let it flow, until it positioned himself as our communication media.

 Basically, the way we express are divided into two languages, that is verbal language and body language. Verbal language is the language typically used by someone who going to express something. And we can present it to everyone, except person who has a hearing loss.

While the body language or sign language known by the term is express something by using a limb. This corresponds with its name “body language”. We should know that body language; we should know that the language of the body is not only used for person who has a hearing loss. But it is also frequently used to normal people in certain situations. For example, someone who is not able to hear the voices of others, because they are at a far. Another example, there is a secret that he wants to say and he does not want others to know.

I believe that was originally everyone uses sign language. This is reinforced, because the language is formed of an agreement. The agreement was formed after the social interaction. While social interactions happen if there is unity of language and the only language that can unify all parties is a sign language.

Based on the above brief explanation, then we can say that the language is not what we are trying to express, what we want to tell, or what we learn about the language. But the language is that we managed to express, whether it is verbal or using language in sign language.